YTS++ Troubleshooting
Common issues

YTS++ Menu doesn't show when holding F1

Make sure all of your LoL Settings are set correctly (Video settings are required)

YTS++ after change the settings it doesn't Combo ,crashing some features is missing

Delete Config.yts and restart YTS++

YTS++ Evade is not working

Make sure Go to PracticeTool and enable Simulate Spells to test the Evade
Simulate Spells

YTS++ closes itself while ingame combat

  • unfortunately this happened sometimes because the platform is still in development
  • this is YTS++ problems itself not your PC so you can't do anything to prevent it

YTS++ closes itself after 5 seconds

  • your antivirus closes/deletes YTS++
  • check your license file to make sure there is no blank space in the key file
  • someone using your key to play when you are still playing
Keep in mind that the HWID system is automatically -3 hours of your license when you use it on the new HWID/PC, if you have only 2 hours left to play and you enter license on new HWID/PC your license will be expired right away
  • your license has expired
  • your license has been banned
To prevent the leak and abuse of YTS++ licenses your license will be permanent banned and cannot be unban.

Blitz, Porofessor,... compatible

YTS++ is working fine even you have Blitz, Porofessor installed
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